Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7th, 2009

Well, back from fellowship day. "Operation Hug a Private" or some shit like that. Ate way too much food, then got to Ft. Knox and had to go to DFac for dinner ooooh shit. All those days of starving. Now I almost want to puke I'm so full. Oh well, it'll be gone and down the drain. Hopefully no PT tonight. I got cramps just marching back from the DFac. Tomorrow is church. It's funny. Well, not funny but interesting, how connected and interwoven religion and the military are.

Next week is supposed to be hard-hard week. We are now back in red. That really sucks. We're supposed to be in Blue yesterday. We now have ten weeks left. Lots of rumors on where we're all going, but won't know anything for a few more weeks. I'm wishing I would have put Hawaii just for the hell of it. Damn. Realistically, the only place I don't want to go is Ft. Campbell. If I get it I'll explain why. If not I'll just forget about it.

Took group photos the other day. My photos and the group and all will get sent to Mom. Hopefully she can post these sometime*. Supposedly we can get DVDs of all our training also. There are always people videoing everything we do. Maybe I'll be in some of it. Not all the people will be from Charlie Company, maybe even 1st and 2nd platoon only. Sometimes we train with 2,3&4. Sometimes just 2nd. I'll get one anyhow, just to see here in a few weeks. We'll see how many people are left.

Man my stomach hurts. Lack of self-control right there! Fuck it. It was good.

Found out about Little Bear today. Man that hurts. I guess now he has a little stubby tail. Haven't seen it but I can imagine. He had such a pretty tail and he was always slamming it back and forth with such happy energy. I'm happy he's okay, and I know he'll survive, but it still hurts knowing my decision to do this lead to the end result.** at least he's got his health and I know he is still a happy dog.

I miss that little fucker. Cotton and Camas I miss a lot, but they're such lazy little suckers and they've got each other. I worry less about them. Maybe to just because they are still somewhat in their environment and in a place of familiarity. Bear is in a great place, but it is all new. Well, it should be starting to feel better for him now. I hope.

When we get in trouble our cadence is 'Yellow Bird'.

Yellow bird - yellow bird - yellow bird with a yellow bill sittin on the window sill - I lured him in with a piece of bread then I smashed his fucking head.

The moral is: To get some head, you need some bread.

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Victory, victory, that's my battle cry.
S-O-L-D-I-E-R Soldier, soldier that who we are.
C-A-V-A-L-R-Y Cavalry, cavalry, scouts till the day we die.

Next test I think is the PFT II. Which won't be bad. At 37, I have to do 24 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and run 18 minutes - 2mile. I can do over 60 push-ups, over 60 sit-ups and do a 2 mile in under 14 minutes. That's good for me and I've got that all covered. So, I'm not worried. There are some fuckers who are 17-25 who can't hardly do 10-20 push-ups or sit-ups. It's fucking sad. How the fuck are these fuckers gonna be the Army's finest? These are the idiots I'm going to combat with. At least out MOS or 19Ds are mostly do night operations crap. Maybe they can all hide good. They better be able to. They can't run, jump, move, think, or shoot worth a shit. Hopefully I'll get a good unit with guys who know their shit. I'm highly motivated. Most the fuckers here are not, which makes it hard to be.

Just got weighed - 180 pounds - so I've lost 15 pounds since I've been here. I think some muscle and some fat. Oh well, I hope I'm about 170 when I leave. Shitty work outs for building big muscle, most shit is for muscle endurance which I'm getting little by little.

*Mom, when you get those, scan and email and I can post on the blog for everyone to see. Thanks!

** that happy energy slamming the tail on everything is what caused the problem. Justin is in no way responsible for what happened with Little Bear. The vet said it was probably inevitable with a tail as strong as his. It was hard, hard, hard, but he is fine. I will take pictures and post them for you all to see. He's a very handsome dog, regardless.

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