Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th, 2009 (I'm guessing - not dated)

Well, what is up, all? How is everyone doing? OK here. The weather finally turned out great today, but the ruck march home was hot as hell. I was soaked, but I was rolling. Everyone was dead at the end, but I was charged. I could run 4 more miles. Today was cool. We did the MOV urban obstacle. Where we breached doors and clear these old houses. You do it in teams, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie (Charlie is MedEvac) and outer cordons - they control the outside. Alpha and Bravo clear the housing. All have bad ass paint ball M-16 (A4).

We got to shoot out with the drill sergeant and cadre. We sucked, but it was fun and a good learning experience. You can tell regular Army guys are serious - we're going to be doing this for real - the Nasty Girls (National Guard) take everything as a joke. They're in this for the money and school, but it was fun.

Tomorrow is mounted live fire. We'll be training how to fire from moving vehicles. That should be cool.

BCT graduation in 9 days!

To graduate, we still have to pass another physical test - no problem for me. A scout skill test (mostly mapping), we have another 12k march and rappel 70'. So, BCT graduation is in the bag.

There are 7 more weeks. We started with about 140-150 people. Right now, we're down to about 95-100. Within the next week we'll lose about 10 more. Pretty bad attrition rate. The other fucked thing you have to know about - 70-80% of the people here are National Guard - They go home after AIT. The 30% regulars go to war. I just hope I go to Afghanistan.

Well, I gotta get back to the Army.

Scouts Out :-)

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