Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks.

Just wanted to say hello.
Im in louisville now hanging out with cousin arron :)
weve just been sort of cruising around and drinking lots of coffie, and eating lots of good food. went to chuch hill downs and got to go in free to walk down by the empty track, went to a glass blowing factory, louisville slugger factroy, hard rock cafe ect. just wasteing time enjoying looking around. Had a massage this morning that was nice and relaxing.
I found out last night my duty station.
So Iv now graduated from basic, but must go back to ft knox for 6 more weeks to graduate from advanced training for cavlery scout. I should graduat from knox on may 14th. then i am to report to ft lewis washington on may 21st. that is good news for me I dont know much about ft lewis but it was my first choice on my wish list for duty sataions. Its in seattle which is a short jump home on a plane from seatac direct to haily which is cool, I also like the climate and the area. Ive heard allot of people really like that base and want to get it but dont, i dont know if thats true but if it is i got lucky i suppose. after that i dont know. i have to worrie about the next six weeks only. allot can happen in six weeks that can change everything so day by day.

I also wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone for all the letters, and positive words and support. the letters really helps me stay sain :)
I hope to keep hearing from you all. and I hope you all keep cheaking up on the blog now and then to see whats going on. im sure over time there will be some interesting things that could happen, im on a long journy thats just really begun, im sure theres lots of stuff to come that might be interesting. so keep cheaking in

I also realy want to say thanks to morgan for all she has done with this page for me and with little bear, she is doing more for me than i can explain to you all.
I also want to thank mom who also is doing more for me than i can explain with out them none of this would be possible. Iv found out that bear is dong great after his little issue, and that the girls, camas and cotton are happy and content at home with mom now and not in any danger of being run out of the complex that is their new temporary home.

Well I should go, i just wanted to say hi, and thanks once again to all, i will keep you all posted on how things go. and Ill try to get some more photos to morgan to post soon.

Take care all, talk to you soon.


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  1. Justin,

    You don't have to thank me for anything. It is my pleasure, really. I enjoy reading your journals and posting them to the blog. The adventure you've undertaken is extraordinary. I don't know what's it's like to walk away from those you love out of a sense of duty, but I've see you do it, Tom do it and numerous others and I admire you all for it. It takes an extraordinary person to give that sort of commitment. It's harder than any of us can imagine. I try, I really do, and I've got insider support, but I still cannot imagine the sheer strength you have to put forth, mentally and physically.

    So, keep on doing what you're doing. Keep on taking care of yourself. We will all be here for you, supporting you as best we can.

    I love you!