Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13th, 2009

Just gonna write a little today. I'm too tired. Just got back a while ago. It's 11 now, duty at 2:30-3:30 and wake up at 4. Totally fucked. That and I'm starving. Breakfast chow's not till 2:30. Same old shit again. Today we did dismounted combat movements, which was pretty cool. Moving while giving suppression fire and cover fire. Then, tonight we did night infiltration course (NIC @ NIGHT). You go down into this trench and they're blasting. Weird ass music and screams and gunfire and shit. Flares are going off, then you move. You are low crawling through the sand while live 7.62 rounds are being fired at you, over your head. You have about to go about 300 yards over logs and barbwire obstacles. There are pits that C-4 is blowing up like incoming fire. You can see tracers flying over your head and the 240 Bravos just dumping rounds in full action down range. It's loud as fuck and you don't want to stand up. That's for sure!

That was pretty fun, but at this point I'm frickin fried and really want some damn food and some phone time. Hand to hand combat tomorrow. Damn, I'm going to bed.


~Justin :-)

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