Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25th, 2009

Well it's Wednesday. Today we did tactical kill stuff where we shot AR15/M-14s at big ass video screen that register hits. We're picking targets out of groups of people. It's pretty crazy and super cool, but like everything else they rush people through like you can't believe. So you don't get a lot of time. I got to go twice. I had one really good kill. A Iraqi in a room of people had a detonator I was the only one to take a shot at him in our group and I hit him right between the eyes. The playback shows you all the points of impact. It is really cool shit to work with. We marched to the kill houses in a torrential rain where we did building entry for about 4 hours. Door breaching, clearing rooms and houses, setting up cordons ect. It was ok, most 1st platoon are jack asses and it's a game which sort of ruins it for me. Tomorrow we have to rappel tower. Last thing we do before BCT graduation ceremony. Friday we clean barracks, graduate BCT and go on a 2 day pass WOOO HOOO

I want to get some peace and quiet so bad. Two days ain't enough, but it'll have to do. Then back Sunday afternoon for 6 more weeks. Fucking bloody hell. I'm pretty sure nothing changes. Our senior drill for "C" troop is a friggin prick. His goal in life, I think, is to make people miserable. Got it gets old. I can imagine being that bitter at life. Oh well, I got fire guard at 0330 - then Friday wake up is 0330 so fucking shit. First thing I do when I get out of this shit hole Friday is I'm going to the nearest convenience store and I'm gonna ransack it. :) ha ha. Along with 100 other people.

Well damn - I'm going to bed. I'm looking forward to Friday. I'll be talking to a few of you this weekend I hope. :) Till then


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