Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29th, 2009

OK, back from the weekend, which was a really good time. Man was it hard coming back to this place. We had black flags on when I got back, who know for how long, and I'm sure it doesn't mean shit.

Well we didn't get smoked tonight. That was surprising. We did get piss tested the minute we walked in the door, which was not surprising. Black and gold those are the two phases left. We'll probably be back in red tomorrow? :) One other guy found his duty station on his AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account. A guy from Lancaster, CA named Eggers. He is a pretty nice kid. He is also going to Ft. Lewis. I forgot to say that before I wrote the last line. hehe. That's cool, He is a good trustworthy, guy one of the bunch that I'm glad are going to the same place.

Out of all thse other fuckers, me and him were the only ones able to find our duty station. What does that tell you? 2 out of 30. I was wondering about Stryker School and the extra two weeks at Ft. Knox. Someone told me they thought that two weeks was for drivers. That's a thought for sure. The rumor now is Nat Guard is not going to the Mex Border, but the reg Army is. That is several brigades of Strykers. Boy, how crazy would that be to end up in a Stryker doing border patrol down in Texas or Arizona. Not likely, but an entertaining idea for sure. I sure hope the next 6 weeks go off without a hitch. Everyone here is miserable, everyone misses their family and everyone is worried about where they are going. I feel ok, so that's good.

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