Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16th, 2009 (I'm guessing - not dated)

What a day. Today we did building entry classes, roadside check, IED classes and about 6k of ruck marching. Got back and one of the sick calls (those are the people who are physically fucked up - actually profile are physically sick, calls are ill - but they don't train and do shit) well, one of them got caught sleeping so we all had to go to the pit. High crawl, low crawl, back crawl, pushups, flutter kicks, each in the wet sand and mud for about an hour. I kicked ass :-) but I'm sore now. Then tonight our bay has four people - one, Abraham, is an idiot - he's nice - he is just an idiot. Well then we got a new guy, VonRatzka, he came from the mental ward called Lincoln Trails, and on top of that, we got two of the AWOLs they caught the other night who've been gone a month - Wilson and Simpson. They're frickin crazy too. Now my bay is a friggin mad house. Lovely. Just my luck. Oh, and we went from Blue all the way back down to Red phase. 1st platoon barracks (mine) were good, 3rd and 4th platoon were shit holes. So, now we all pay - thought 2, 3, & 4th floors are off limits to us. It's so fucked. So we pay physically. It's this sort of shit that may eventually break me. Just being old, I'm doing great, but I don't know how long I can hold up. Hopefully another 9 weeks.

Tomorrow we have Urban Warfare Training. Who knows what that will be like. One day at a time. I'm sick as hell again. Massive sore throat. Makes it hard. I can take sick call, but you only get so many days. I want to save those all till the end. Besides, you get labeled a piece of shit just for going any time, even for legitimate reasons. A lot of people use it to get out of training. You get the rest, eat good, watch TV, etc. while at the hospital all day. I don't want to go at all. Sort of a personal goal. :-)

Well, lights out - God this place is a NUT HOUSE. It feels more like a mental ward at times hehehehe :-)
shit - scouts out

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