Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21st, 2009

Well, Saturday night, I go on fire guard at 2130, that's in 1/2 hour. Did the 12k today with all gear. When we got back I was good. Then senior drill said, "everyone dump your rucks. If you don't have everything in your rucksack, you will do 65 laps around the little quad." That equals 13 miles. We started. All the shit we dumped out, a total of about 40-50 pounds. THANK GOF!! I had everything, but out of about 100 people, about 70 some odd people were missing all sorts of shit - from socks to earplugs, IBA plates, flashlights, etc. So me and about 40 of the troop get to clean tomorrow instead of walking 13 miles. That's cool. And I get to go to church. That will be nice for about 3 hours. And the crazy cat, VonRatzka, said he would give me half his breakfast tomorrow. That's cool.

Counting down till Friday. Why, I'm not too sure, but when we get back, only 6 more weeks. That's cool.

People here are going a bit loony, I think. I can't even say, well, don't want to say what about ten of those idiots did tonight. All I can say is I had no part in it or desire to. Fuckin little freaks. :-)

I hope I can find a grocery store Friday to get some good shit to eat. I want to eat slow and enjoy it. I'm tired of eating like a starving dog.

I'm curious to see what is in the card Morgan sent me. I will open it Friday at the hotel.

Fireguard is over. Going to bed. Did laundry, my shit is still in the dryer. Hopefully that bozo Abraham will remember to deliver my shit when it's done. I rotated and delivered about 10 loads. Mine finished the wash at the end of my shift. I take care when I do others stuff. Some people are turds. You'll open your bag in the morning to half wet shit. I can only guess 'cause they need to free up a dryer for their stuff.

My throat is still messed up. I've been sick with some shit ass disease of another for 9 weeks straight. This place is a giant disease incubator. When I leave here I bet I don't get a lot of colds much any more.

Well goodnight, all. Hope you all are doing well. :-)


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