Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st, 2009 (3am)

Board and on duty. I got CQ and line of sight duty. So, I guess we get to read or write cause we just sit here and stare at some kid who is nutso and make sure he doesn't go anywhere, escort him to the latrine, ect. The guy's a douche bag. I'm glad he's asleep.

Once you qualify with your M-16, the DS issue you 3 blank rounds that you must turn in at some point. Every time you go anywhere your rifle is locked and loaded. Every time you enter a building you must clear your weapon. No problem, right? Well, holy shit! Ever day I hear those rounds go off. They sound like fire crackers (there is no projectile) and some people pop theirs off while they're walking or standing there. I've probably heard 10 go off in the last 3 days. I'm not sure if many people understand what that means and how scary it really is. I mean, the weapons are on safe all the time and get cleared for safety as if they were loaded with real ammo and that's what these rounds simulate: real ammo or how things are on base in a war zone or whatever. To me that simulates let's say 10 people popping off 10 rounds in the last 3 days in a crows of people. What the fuck? That's the potential for 10 friendly fire deaths. I was told about this before and told to watch your ammo because as more and more people fire their blank rounds, people start stealing others to avoid the consequences when it's time to return the rounds. Some people just don't comprehend how serious this is and how seriously they should be taking this.

By Christmas we all will probably be deployed. When everything's not going to be some funny joke. Well I, for one, realize it and dont intend to forget it. By the way, I still have all 3 of mine and I sure as shit hope and intend to turn in 3 rounds at the end of basic. I mean shit, keep the shit on safe, don't pull the trigger unless you intend to discharge the weapon and always clear the damn things by ejecting. Observe the chamber. Make sure the weapon is clear before you pull the trigger. Oh well, these are the fuckers I'm going to be going into combat with.

Fuck, I can't wait for chow. I'm starving. You burn up way too much energy here. I think in black or gold you eat on your own and get to exercise on your own. I hope that's true but probably BS.

Well - shift's over - Scouts Out


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