Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009 (I'm guessing - not dated)

Well, I got a few minutes and an empty page.

Looking out the window. It's a nice night. I have my window open and the air is fresh here. 9:00 and the bugle started playing. The bugle plays at wake up and 3 chow times. 6:00 for the flag and 9:00 for I guess end of the day.

One of the drill sergeants can be heard down the hall screaming. Asking this guy Shelton is crop dusting people. "What the fuck, Shelton. Are you walking around crop dusting fucking people, you fucking scum bag." "No, drill sergeant." "The fuck if you aren't. Get in full battle rattle you piece of shit." - crop dusting is when you walk around blowing ass on people and walk on. There's so many people here, no one knows who it was. Gas here is out-fucking-rageous. Some say it's the food. Some say it's 'cause we eat our food so fast, but whatever it is, it's awful, just awful!

Well - lights just went out - LATER

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