Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22nd, 2009

2030 - Free time - The drill Sgts seem to be hit and miss. They're starting to really hammer the shit bags and lay off the guys that do right, but there are still problems. People are are starting to act like little girls - gossip and rumors and BS. I just keep my mouth shut and leave it all alone and take mental notes of it all.

One thing that sucked is one guy, who is on a bit of a power high, didn't handle a situation correctly, and we lost our salad bar privileges which constitutes about 1/3 of every one of my meals, and a lot of other people too. That really sucks.

It's a constant push and pull/give and take crap. Always unaware of what is next.

I went to church today. Was still on 24 hour quarters, but I went any how. I'm fine and no one noticed. I'm not supposed to PT tomorrow, but I'm going to anyway. I don't think anyone will say anything because it was a dentist visit, not a med appointment.

Man I'm hungry. hehehe, this sux. We have to qualify tomorrow and ruck march 5k back from the range. Oh and I got assigned permanent 6 pack crew, which mean sI am part of a 6 man detail that loads all the crew shit in the humvee or stake side and travels in the back of that and not the big bus. I pulled 0230 fireguard again. What horse shit. Although I did get last night off. I just hate the last two shifts. There's no time to sleep between duty and wake up.

Some one from Bravo asked me today if it was true. If Charlie was the most fucked troop to be in. I just said, "sure, I guess." Apparently all of us were actually supposed to be in Hotel Company, but there was some problem with the barracks. So, we got Charlie. Apparently Hotel is the easiest company to be in, easier than Echo. I guess Hotel gets cell privileges, TV, and lax DFac privileges.

Oh, phone call - we also lost our 5 minute phone call along with salad bar - that little fucker - I haven't had a phone call for 3 weeks to the day. Hopefully I'll get some mail soon with some info on what is all going on back there.

I don't know when, but at some point I think Mom is getting a picture of me in my ACU* shit. I probably look like a jack ass.

Well looks like no mail call again. What a fucking shitter. 5 minutes till lights out. So, see you all. Hope everyone is well. Take care.

Scouts Out,

*ACU - Army Combat Uniform

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