Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10th, 2009

Today was pretty fun. We did marching this morning for about 4 miles. Then we did the bayonet coarse. It was raining cats and dogs and a muddy mess. We run up and down hills over barrier and tunnels and stabbing the little people on the TL. Screaming like idiots the whole way. 34 of us made it through in 8 minutes. One guy went through by himself in 7.5 minutes. Our total was 15.5 minutes. Therefore we lost the over all. All for one guy who couldn't do it. I didn't care about winning, I just had fun, but we got smoked for loosing. Then we marched about a mile to the gas chamber.

Now that's something else. You go in this concrete bunker with 25 guys, you have your mask on and you can breathe fine, but you're skin starts to burn all over. you then close your eyes and hold your breath and pull your mask off. If you breathe or open your eye at this point you'd be fucked. Then you put back on, purge the mask and then check the seal. At this point if you followed directions your eyes burn a little and you taste it a little. Then you take your masks off in groups of 5. I was in the 2nd group so I got to watch first five. Oh shit they looked like they were dying. They're all screaming and choking. Snot and spit and foam is frothing out their mouths. One guy started screaming. He couldn't breath. "Oh shit" I was thinking. Then it was my turn. I pulled mine off. You can see, but your eyes are on fire (shit I just found out I have fire guard at 0330 tonight and we get up at 0400 = 4 hours of sleep for the 2nd week in a row) then it starts to get into your throat and lungs and I tell you what, it does feel like you're choking out. You are breathing but you can't get hardly any air and it feels like you're inhaling pure campfire smoke X 10,000. Several guys in my group started puking. I just stood there and kept trying to breath as foam and saliva sprayed out of my mouth. Waiting, waiting finally they open the door and I got the hell out. Then you flap your arms and don't touch anything for about 10 minutes. Walking around checking my eyes are open and my arms are flapping over and over. It was pretty frickin cool. Most people hated it. I really thought it was fun though not a good all the time thing.

Then we stood in the pouring rain with burning skin and bloodshot eyes for about an hour waiting for everyone. Then we marched home, showered , went to chow in the pouring rain, came back, went over what we do tomorrow and then everyone cleans over and over and over and over and over.

Now I'm on free time that could at any moment if some jack ass pulls something and there is no end to the type of stupidity that can cause all hell to break loose at any moment and we're out in the rain crawling around in the mud at midnight who knows.

I hope Bear's tail can be saved. He has a pretty tail and I would hate to see him lose it, but his life is what's important. I left the decision to you. You will do what is best and I will be ok with that. Though in my heart I would hate to see him lose such a big part of who he is and what makes him what he is.

It's barely been three weeks in BCT and what I wouldn't give for an hour with a masseuse, a 6 pack of Bud and an all you can eat Chinese Buffet and a quiet, sound night's sleep in my own bed. :-)

I just got the results of my PT test. Not bad, 45 push ups, 46 sit ups in 1 minute and to graduate the whole 16 week course I have to do 30 something of each and 50 something for a perfect score. I also have 18 minutes to run two miles to pass. I should do it in about 14 minutes. That would get me a perfect. I think we start rifle training tomorrow. That should be good.

Hope everything is well with everyone. If anyone has any stamps or envelopes to send, feel free if you like.* I'm out and I don't know when we get to the PX again. Anyhow, talk to you all later.

Take care,
Justin :-)

*I already sent a bunch.

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