Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21st, 2009

Well, it's 1230. I've been up since 0230 and sitting here at the dentist since 0700. Apparently I have a dental appointment today. I guess they Army has decided that to remove my last wisdom tooth. One I've had for 18 years and have never had a problem with. The one my local dentist opted to leave because it is just there causing no problem. Go figure.

So, my Land Navigation (basic map reading) started today. How nice. One thing I was looking forward to, I get to miss. Good thing I know how to read maps and navigate incredibly well, but it puts me down 8 hours. If you miss 40 hours of training, you get recycled. What a fuck job. This shit is starting to kill me. I thought it would be ok at least a little, cause there is a TV here. I wanted to watch the news, but there are 9 of us here and everyone else wants to watch music videos - go figure. I'll get to see a little bit of news. Apparently, they make you not train for 2 days after a tooth extraction. Which means I might miss training Monday. God, I hope not!

I hope the blog is working to some extent. I still am also looking for real mail. Every day I look forward to mail call. I usually figure there won't be anything, but I still look forward to it, just in case. It is (mail call that is) a big part of everyone's day. People that get mail are stoked. People that don't are bummed. I'm pretty reserved about it, but I still look forward to possibly having it.

Well here I sit minus all my wisdom teeth now. Well, I only had one left. Now I have none. It wasn't so bad, although I'm sure it will hurt like hell later. I got 24 hours quarters and no PT for 48 hours. I guess that will be a good excuse for the DS. They can chew my ass for being a pussy even thought it wasn't my call. I won't get to go to church and I will be forced to clean the barracks while everyone else is at church. Yeah, I can't wait. It's 1430 now and raining like cats and dogs. Still just sitting here waiting for the last dental to finish. He is a pretty cool guy. His name is Kerr. He is in Charlie 2nd Platoon. He is from Utah. He is pretty gun savvy and knew enough to ask why the hell I would have BORS. When I told him, he knew what .416 was. He's National Guard but has to do 4 active and 4 reserve. I think maybe that is what I should have done. Active National Guard. Those guys get paid a lot, but oh well. He's 28 so he was pretty easy to talk to and understand. He's the last one. The other guy here waiting with me now is Bales. He is this big ol giant son of a bitch with a serious southern type drawl. Thought he is from Tennessee, most people kind of treat him like he's a dullard. I think it's just his drawl. Although he is the idiot that blew his knee up to get out and openly said he was considering suicide. Shit, I don't care. He is a pretty nice guy and I get along with him. He is also National Guard. He is also from Charlie 1st platoon like me.

Kerr had a friend who was in Charlie last cycle and broke his hip and got recycled to Alpha company. He talked to him during the black outs a few weeks ago and supposedly verified what everyone is saying, well guys I've talked to from Delta, Echo and Fox - that Charlie is a nightmare of a company to be in. It's the hardest company at Ft. KNox. Well for OSUT (Basic/AIT). All Cav Scouts come from Ft. Knox. So there is lots who can verify this or discredit it.

In October, the Scout program goes to Ft. Benning and no more knox - gotta go.

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