Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2nd, 2009

Hey there. How's it going? Good here. We're finally starting to do fun stuff; today we did a bunch of crap with CS* gas masks and took a little march with them on, but we didn't get gassed today :-(. Tomorrow, we're supposed to do pugil stick crap, but rumors are rampant here. You can't believe anything you hear. I'm still sore as hell but getting stronger, and the most painful stuff is working its way out. I've been sick as hell, but I think I'm getting over it. Tons of people are are just starting to get the same stuff I am getting over. A few guys got it real bad.

It's 2145 now. I have fireguard at 0000 until 0100. The Wake up is at 0400 for PT. The weather is getting nicer here. We ran about 5 miles today. I just imagine I'm back home on the bike path with Bear. It helps me not stop. If you stop you bring down the wrath upon yourself.

Two guys went AWOL last night. They're already in jail. Ft. KNox is approximately 150 square miles. They didn't really have a chance. And it's a time of war. They're screwed.

Tonight was mail night. It was pretty cool seeing how excited everyone gets. A lot of crying for joy. A lot of bummed out faces too. I wrote a letter to mom the other day, but it won't go out till tomorrow. Maybe this one will go out with it.

I suppose Tom might be home now, or will be soon. That must be good. After BCT there is only a 2-day family thing and graduation is mid May. That's all I know for now. Just so you know, I don't get email access here and pretty much no phone calls. So I'm really sort of in the dark here. I wish that was different, but it is what it is. It's funny, you can't believe anything anyone says around here.

I hope I get lucky and go someplace interesting for my post station. I find out in about 8 weeks where I will go. I like it here. I think it takes a certain sort of crazy to like this. It's challenging; it pushes you in ways I never thought about. I do feel a sort of guilt and emptiness still about the dogs. And I hope when I am finished here and ready to move on with the next step I don't come back to my life all fucked up. If you are still doing the net thing for me, you can post this letter too.

Well, I need to get a few hours sleep. Say hello to everyone. I hope Bear is behaving. I miss him lots. If you can write back, put my last name first on the envelope (PFC Ball, Justin C.) or I will get smoked.

*CS - A nerve agent

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