Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6th, 2009

So hey what is up? Same old shit here. Last two days and tomorrow is all about combat medicine. Sunday I'll probably go to church again, and get a rash of shit for it again. I hear we have another road march Monday, but you never know around here.

It's funny, I've been gone 3 weeks and it's strange how you start to miss things. Especially when everything is out of your control. There's a guy that just showed up in Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon. He was on week 13 of 16 and he got caught with a power bar, well two power bars and using someone's cell phone and is now back at week two. I still really don't know how they can do that type of stuff. It really kills me about the phone situation also.

I guess I am just going to keep plugging along. I hope I get a trip to the PX* soon. This will be my last letter out till I get more. I think we might go Sunday.

I have no idea what has happened in the news in the past three weeks (I almost got caught writing this letter - haha)** Whatever. Well, I am about to pass out. Say HI to everyone. Tell Bear I love him, even though he won't know it's from me :-). Hope all is good. Hope to hear from somebody someday.***

(signed) PFC JC Ball

*Post Exchange
**He is allowed to write letters, but I (morgan) would guess he was writing it outside of the allotted time.
***I know he has been sent letters - I just don't think he's rec'd any yet. I think the more he gets the better, though.

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