Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5th, 2009

Hey, all. What's going on? How are things going there? Things are good here. Still just trucking along. Same old shit everyday, but after two weeks it is just routine, and we're doing a lot funner shit now. Some people are are starting to come together and form cohesive teams. Some people just struggle. A few people I feel real bad for. They just get a never-ending rash of shit.

At least I'm two weeks in now. Not too long, but it is better than two days in. In October Cav Scout school moves to Ft. Benning, GA. Think it is strange too how small a MOS 19S is. Only a few hundred every year. And after this, no more will come from Ft. Knox.

I think next week will be warmer, but I think it will get cold again. I keep hoping to get a phone call, but I just don't know. And when you do, it's only a few minutes. I still don't understand how they have the right to not give you phone time.

The guy across from me has pneumonia, but he is getting over it. I've been told that as we progress through the phases we get more privileges. For the next three days we're doing medical training.

My three favorite times of day are chow. They feed you real good food at chow just not a lot. The other day I had to get my hair cut. I don't think a single hair came off. I sitll got charged $5.00, which sucks because I needed that money for stamps and envelopes and some more paper,* but I really didn't have a much say so in the matter.

Well, I gotta go to bed. I got fire watch in two hours. I'll send this out later.

*Don't send him these things. I (morgan) already have.

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