Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15th, 2009

It's funny how as people start to get comfortable in their surroundings their attitudes change, or start to. I see people here who their inner ass really starts shine, people who need to be controlling, people who act as if all the rules apply to everyone but them. That saying - that you'll see every type in the Army - really holds true and I'm sure will be something I will talk about again sometime. Right now it's almost 6am. We've been up cleaning for about 2 hours. It's Sunday, so mostly we won't get fucked with today. Beds have to be all made like you see it in the movies. Lockers all have to be organized exactly the same. Boots and shoes displayed all the same under the bed.

I also notice a huge amount of shit talk. He said, or I heard this or that, but I've come to realize you can't buy into any of it. Process it for what it most likely is and that is most likely BS.

Church day and cleaning all day. most people you find seem to be in pretty good moods around here on Sundays. Tomorrow we go to some basic marksmanship and commo (communications) classes. I think Land Nav courses are coming up soon, too. Family day and BCT graduation is end of March, but I expect that anyone who might want to come should plan on May 15for OSUT* graduation. That's the end of the whole training cycle. If no one comes for family day, I plan on having someone sign me out - go figure at 37 years old I can't check myself out, I have to get someone else parents to do it for me - I'll probably get a taxi and have them take me to some cheap ass motel in Louisville so I can sleep for 2 days, watch TV - especially the news, order a pizza and take a long, hot shower.

I think we're going to the pit tonight. That's gonna suck. It's cold out and I'm tired. CID** is here investigating all the people who lied on their apps to get in. Mostly criminal shit, I think. Thank God my name wasn't called.

Now that it's starting to ease up, it's getting a little squirrelly. Quite a bit of aggression and a lot of immaturity. What is really fucked is about 10 of the 35 in 1st pretty much got their shit together but the other 25 are just a bunch of retarded monkeys. Two more guys went AWOL again out of 2nd platoon. We're also loosing two more - one to a dislocated shoulder and one with cracked shins. Well I'm going to bed. No fire guard tonight so I am hitting the sack.

Please write back and let me know how Little Bear is doing. Well, take care, all.

Scouts Out
~Justin :-)

*OSUT - One Station Unit Training
**CID - Criminal Investigative Division

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