Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21st, 2009 - Later in the evening 1800

Sitting in the barracks. I guess I'm on quarters for 24 hours. So everyone else is at chow and I sit here alone. All because of a tooth. Whatever. And the place you get prescriptions is closed on the weekend, so the Motrin I was supposed to get I can't get till Monday some time. So, what the fuck? Welcome to the Army.

Since I left the dentist it started snowing and has snowed about 1/2 an inch.

I'm hoping for mail tonight, but I doubt it. I'm hoping to get an early fire guard, but I doubt it. Wake up ain't till 0500 tomorrow. That's nice, but no church escape for me. Instead I'll clean, but that's ok, I don't mind.

Let's see, who are some of the other people around here? In my bay there are 8. Craig from Virginia.
Barno, he's is a skinny dude from Georgia.
Diel, a little short, feisty dude from back east somewhere.
Barns, he is an ex-cop from Maryland. He's close to my age.
Then there's Collins, young guy just out of high school, married with a new born kid.
Then there's Tony Anthony (everyone calls him Tony Tony), he's a truck driver from Tennessee and has a pretty good accent. He's in his late 20s. He's a real good guy.
Then btween him is Brown, little, short, quiet guy. Real nice and real quiet.
Then me. I got lucky. Our bay is all good people. Most of the other bays have anywhere from 1 to 8 total shit bags. I'll tell you about some of them in time.

Barns is this skinny black kid from Georgia. I don't think he's got much family to speak of, but he's got a pretty cute girl he adores. He carries her picture everywhere and even sleeps with it. Sometimes he is a bit spastic and slow on the go, but he's a real cool guy. And for an 18 year old, he's got his shit together a bit more than most of the others. He's been sick a lot and is close to his max 40 hours that you can miss, and the other day he also tore his rotators cuff. What a bummer deal. I wouldn't be surprised if he recycles. I'm sure I'll write more about him some day.

Craig - his bunk's across from mine. He is the one who missed a few days because he had pneumonia and he is a bit older - a construction worker - at first he was real slow and sort of lethargic, now he is a squad leader and all of the sudden he is a loudmouth, but in a good way. He gets real pissed off at all the younger privates.

Man, I wonder what's in store for us tonight. God only knows.

The food here is actually pretty good. You just don't get very much and it's a pain in the ass to get it. The whole process and all, but it's also screwy. They have donuts, cake, ect. you can take, but if you do you're fucked. If you try to take too many servings of bread, you're fucked. If you fill your salad bowl over the rim, you're fucked. If you don't drink a glass of water first, if you don't carry your glass of water with both hands, the rules go on and on and on and frequently they change. Breaking the rules can result in anything from yelling and screaming to being cut off of salad bad, or the whole platoon loses salad bar, or the whole platoon is instantly finished with dinner. That one really sux. You might just sit down and have to spit your first bite out and evacuate the D-Fac (dining facility). Whoops gotta go, platoon's back from chow.

2100 - Free time till 2130. The drills been being decent and I don't have fireguard tonight and wake up is at 0500, Cool. I'm 48 hours PT free. I get to sleep, eat and have a little muscle recovery. All for the cost of one tooth.

Well, no mail tonight :-( Oh well. Copied notes on basic map reading from Tony Tony. Nothing was taught I didn't already know. So, that's good. Lights out in 5 minutes.

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