Monday, April 20, 2009

mid to late April (not dated)

Hey what's up? Not much here. just sitting around, still training. Yesterday we drove Bradlys in the day then Hummvee with night vision (well FLIR- you know the white and black shit). Then I drove a brand new C-MET Bradly at night. It was sick. You don't even see outside. You look at a TV screen inside that shows the whole outside with FLIR. Doing like 30 mph in a 30+ ton tank. It was the shit. Then I rode for a while in the turret with the commander and as we were driving he would spin the turret like those damn t-cups at the fair. It was cool. We get to drive them in the mud next week. Then I'll probably never drive one again. Strykers are the same but you get a 360 degree exterior view with video screen. You drive 100% like you're playing XBox.

- Well I don't know for 100% sure, but it looks like I stay here as a hold-over. Which means I graduate May 14 then sit for 1 week here doing nothing. Then I go to 2 weeks of Stryker school and then go to Ft. Lewis June 5th. Then deploy to Iraq end of July if I'm 4th Stryker Brigade or Afghanistan end of July if I'm 5th Stryker Brigade. But that could change. I'm sure but that's what it is looking like. I hope I get a few weeks at home at some point. Which I will. It's kind of lame I have to stay here, but it won't be associated with what I am doing now. I'll be able to come and go as I please, etc. I just want to get back close to home. Kentucky sucks. :( hehe I should be able to have cell phone and laptop at that point, too. - Well I will - I just need to get my laptop and phone service going. That does net service, too. Everything is deja vu over and over.

To other stuff -

Was wondering about Little Bear. Hope he is well and not causing too much chaos. It's still hard without him almost 4 months later. Same with the girls. Sometimes I find it hard to think about them. I miss them too much. I miss their energy and the comfort and peace they bring. The dog piles on Saturday morning and walking in the hills. They are truly missed. I hope to see them soon.


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