Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25th, 2009

Well, here I am still. :) I think they are letting up for a few days. We've been getting wrecked for the last week and the APFT is Monday @ 0330 (that's morning time for all you am/pm time guys. I don't know why the hell they do that?). Then most of next week will be setting up for the FOB (FOrward Operations Base). That's 4 days long and our final exercise. Then the 20/25k most likely 23k. We took the SGST (Scouts Gunnery Skill Test) yesterday. That went well. My best test score yet. 100%. It covered the TOW missile system, the 240 Charlie, the 25 mm chain gun - aka 25 mike- Bradly night driving, .50 cal belt fed, MK-19 (Automatic Grenade Launcher) and some other shit.

Today we did spring cleaning out side. We picked up leaves with our bare hands for about 4 hours. Apparently there was nothing else important to do today. :) There are 2 other people from Idaho in my platoon, and 3 in my troop. We talked about Idaho. Boise, Meridian, Pocatello, Sun Valley, it was fun for a while. Then we all started missing home and realizing how nice Idaho is.

I'm trying to stay focused on this shit here and get it done. I'm also trying to get straight in my head how things might play out for me over the next year. Life for me is about ready to start getting crazy, I think. I hope everything works out well. Mostly I want to get home for a few weeks. I want to see the girls and Little Bear. I would to over sleep in my own bed a few times, watch a movie or two, take a nice long road bike ride or 3. I want to see a few people, spend time with family and friends, go shooting a few times, make sure my house is square, finances are square, eat some good, healthy food. Maybe go get a taco and pick up on a Mexican cutie, take the dogs to the river and a few other things, but generally do most the things I am missing now. Beacuse soon after I won't get a chance again for a while. It's still looking like I'm staying here for sure, but now it's looking like a 4 day hold over. That is an off base pass then two weeks of class and off to Ft Lewis on June 5th. That won't be too bad. If that's how it goes down. If anyone comes to Kentucky to visit those 4 days, we're going to the Texas Road House. I think I fell in love with that dessert* when Aaron was out. That is some good shit. :) If no one comes to visit, I'm still going! :)barracks maintenance, dinner chow, lights out early for early Monday PT test.

I hope when I graduate OSUT here in a few weeks, I can find a way to get my laptop, phone, etc. So I can start communicating with phone and net and organizing shit with the laptop. I need to catch up on some news too.

Well anyhow, like I said, not much going on now. Just acclimated to all the BS so it's pretty boring.

I hope you're all well and good.

Hope to see you all soon, until next time, take care

~Justin :)

There shouldn't be much to do tomorrow, but we'll see. Breakfast chow, church, lunch chow,

Guessing on that one - cannot read the word.

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