Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st, 2009

Supposed to be studying now, but I'm not. :) We worked mostly with radio shit today. Humvees and thermal vision crap that goes on the Humvee and tonight we have more financial classes. Yeah tomorrow is the class that covers TSP (thrift savings plan - DoD version of a 401k). That should be ok and some other shit. Things are still pretty mellow so far. Waiting for that to change. We're still in black phase. hmmmm? That's good. Still waiting on duty station confirmations. Oh well. Shit, I forgot what I was thinking.

I hope I still get Ft. Lewis. I've heard that can change sometimes, but who knows. Still clueless on how time off will work during that time. I got permanent fireguard now, which is cool 'cause I got lucky and got the 9:30-10:30 shift. So, I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night anymore. That's cool for me.

Well I gotta go to formation for class, yeah. :) Talk to you all later.

Well, I just wanted to say HI a bit more. It's bed time. Man shits slow. We're not getting worked so much. Hopefully that lasts. People here really still have their heads up their asses though. It's sort of weird in my mind, I've put people in groups. So many people are such fucks, I know all the Nat Guard some of them are pretty nice, but no Nat Guard will be in my unit. That leaves the regular army guys. One is going to Lewis and one is going to Campbell - that's Byrns - he is neither here nor there. Out of the other say 10 - 2 I can't stand or do I trust. We'll see about those when we all find our duty stations. I want to know who all is going to Lewis. Those are the guys I'll be with and the ones I plan to give a shit about here. The other, for the most part, can go fuck each other for all I care. I'm actually not pissed, I will be happy to know which ones of the remaining asses I can write off. Oh well, I'm going to go to sleep. Chow 0600 wake up 0430 - 10:45 now.

See ya

Scouts out

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