Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3rd, 2009

This blog entry was wrapped around an old Reese's wrapper. The paper had chocolate spots on it. I don't know why he put it in there.

Just sitting here again. :) Things don't seem to be as bad for now. This week has been mostly classes. Bradlys (fighting vehicles), HMMVE,LRASS (Long range scout surveillance systems) and call for fire (calling for artillery on targets). Mostly same old shit, dragging on and on. Dinner was pretty good tonight, but, as always, looking forward to breakfast chow. Group run at 0500 tomorrow. Then breakfast chow at 0700. Not much new really to talk about. 42 days left here. Well 41 tomorrow. It's not so bad. It just still sucks having such limited freedom. Especially that we have inserts with us who have cell phones and drink energy drinks, eat whatever, chew and smoke. That's gay. They all suck at PT though.

Still waiting for my orders. I'm pretty sure it's Lewis, but I want to see a hard copy and to know my unit. So I'll know what I'm going to be doing. I'm hoping for some mail some time too. Oh well. Well I'm going to my job hahah :)

You ain't cav, you ain't shit. Good night!

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