Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th, 2009

Not much going on right now. 2020 hours on free time. I get tonight off so I'm mellow. Training is a lot different now. It's pretty chill the last few days. Well then again, we've had some tough PT. Maybe I'm just used to it. I'm still disappointed in the phone shit, 12 weeks later. :)

Got a letter from Jason today. That was cool. Learned some shit going on in the valley - interesting stuff - :) Good thing that Angel fucker got put away, he was a fuck bag. 14 years ain't long enough.

Want to say hello to Al Pointe. Hope Mexico treated you good. It was good to hear you said hello. Haven't seen you in a while. Maybe some day I'll come visit in Mexico and we can have a cold one. :)

And I guess Billy was a Cav Scout. huh. I wonder when that was. If so, he had to have been here at Ft. Knox. All cav has to come through here all the way back to the 1st cav of Patton. It would be interesting to talk to him. Well, anyhow, wanted to say hello to him anyway. Hope all is well. As Billy if he knows of the Disney Barracks. That's where I live.

We learned how to assemble and siassemble the 25 mm chain gun today. That is one BFG. It's the main weapon system on the BFV (Bradly Fighting Vehicle). That's a cavalry vehicle. I'll never drive one of those, cause I am supposed to be Stryker, which is ok with me. BFV are friggin old and out dated, but it will be fun lighting off some 25mm rounds with that things at the FOB (forward operations base).

We live there for four days out in the sticks. That's the last four days of training. Then we Ruck back 20+k and training is over. Then we spend 1 week getting ready to get out of here. We have land navigation all day tomorrow. That will be a long day. Unless it gets cut short, there are a lot of tornado warnings around here that cut training short sometimes.

A lot of new troops are showing up as our cycle gets close to an end. Fox troop is about to graduate but Echo, Delta, Alfa, and Bravo are all just starting or quite a ways behind us. We are second in seniority to fox. I think they graduate a week before us.

I look at all of the guys and I feel a mix of emotions for them. I'm mostly happy I'm not still way back in that phase with 4 or 3 or 2 months to go. Dang. I can definitely tell I wasn't meant to be caged. I would DIE in a prison. Well probably not, but I would feel like it.

I'm glad we will be out of here before the summer and the heat and bugs and shit that comes with it. Seattle should be nice for the summer. Hey and who knows, Afghanistan might be great in the fall. :) I believe it's cold as fuck in the winter. I'd rather be in a cold environment than a hot one for a war and combat situation. Well that's my thinking. That might change soon.

It's strange - I have absolutely no fear of going to Afghanistan. None whatsoever. I think a few people here have some reservations and the reality of what is happening is sinking in. I am completely unaffected. In a way, I look forward to going.

I worry more about home than about Afghanistan. Supposedly we're supposed to make some good money for going. I hope that is true, even if not, I want to go.

I hope I get some awards when I leave too. I want to be a Corporal, not a specialist. I want a PT excellence badge and I want an excellence in Cavalry Badge, but I doubt any of that will happen, but those are my three goals right now.

I guess Corporal mostly are more desk and specialist are more combat. So I guess I better shoot for Sergeant. :) Which should happen some day :) Specialist till then.

Right now, there is a hell rainstorm going on with lots of lightening and thunder. I've got my fingers crossed for a tornado. I want to see one of those bad boys in person.

I bet there are all sorts of movies and TV shows I've never seen that will be fun. I think I'm getting delerious now :) I really love sleep :) and food :) Damn it's really raining :) I miss having PC access :) I miss my TV and my XBox :) I miss going out to the hills with the dogs :) I miss seeing hot chicks :) at this point I miss half ugly chicks as well :) I miss coffee, cookies, and monsters. I can't wait to change my diet and exercise routine. :) I always seem to be thinking about shit I want to do or am looking forward to doing some day soon :) well lights out

austa luego

scouts out

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  1. Your last paragraph made me laugh baby!! Especially missing the half ugly chicks! LOL Your so cute! I love you!