Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11th, 2009

Well cut it short last night. Did the 15k today. Was worried I would be too sore, but not the case. I was totally good and finished strong up front. We go up some big ass hills with 12/14/21% grades. They're steep and long. It's fucked :) Then we got back and everything was cool till some asshole got caught doing the wrong things and we all got wrecked for it in the pit (big sand pit). Low crawl/high crawl and all sorts of shit. It sucked bad. I loved it. :)

I love watch. Other people in misery over shit like that, it's funny. Now just sitting waiting for lights out and my fireguard. Oh got a 5 minute talk with Mom. It was nice, but not long enough. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to call. Well we have 33 days left of scout school (AIT). It will be nice to get away from this part of the Army. This shit is getting old and the people are killing me little by little.

Well soon I suppose. I would like to go home for a week or two. Rest and eat and see some friends and family. I hope I get to soon. Until next time - take care, all!


Did I mention I passed my SSII test? Probably.

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