Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th, 2009

Sunday night. Cleaned most the day. Rained all day. We should be in the last phase of training as of Friday - gold phase - but we still fly black flags - we have full barracks inspection tomorrow. If we do good, I think we'll go to gold. If not, maybe stay in black. Then there is that possibility we do to red, seeing as how one asswipe just got caught with chewing tobacco. God these fuckers never stop. It's always one son of a bitch that's gotta fuck everyone. :)

Oh well. We're on the count down any how. This week is mostly driving Bradlys. Tomorrow and at night too. Humvees I think are on Tuesday. Still not sure about leave and all that shit yet. Will let people know as soon as I know. Realistically, I just want to get out of here and go home for a bit. Or even go to WA, check in and go home for a bit. I'm looking forward to getting the real part of this job going. Being able to be in a bit more control of my life and have a little time off.

Let's see what we've done since last time: Not much. We finally did the rappel tower :) the ropes getting up were funner than the rappel down. You go up a rop bridge first, down a rope bridge, then up a two rope bridge. This fucker is hard.

Let's see, I'm down to about 170 pounds. That's good news. Still always tired. Still always hungry and praying to God I don't get hurt for 3 more weeks. My left knee is getting a bit sore, but it doesn't seem to be bad when I run on it, which is good. My left shoulder is a bit fucked also, but I should be able to do my push ups for the APFT. Anyhow, fireguard time. I'll be writing soon. Until then, take care all

scouts out

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