Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12th, 2009

Easter Sunday

Well we got some free time, but I don't know how long it will last. There is TV room, sleep on PT mats, letters, and phone. Anyone screws up and it's all over. So, it's only a matter of time before it's over.

I want to use the phone but that doesn't look like a good bet. So I'm just gonna write for a bit. Well I think the phone might not happen. This place is so fucked and 80% of the privates here are absolute fucking retarded assholes. Most are very egocentric. It's all me me me. Pretty much any time we get anything good or any freedoms someone or a handful of people decide to do the wrong things and fuck everyone back home. They are the people who get their asses beat.

So far I don't know about my leave and how it will work. Or graduation, my next duty station, or deployment. Nothing seems to be of any concern in regards to anything like this. It's pretty damn stupid if you ask me. How can 10s of thousands of people do this a year yet no one will put forth straight info on how it all works.

I'm so ready to come home. Just for a week. Well, I'm gonna nap for minute now. Well, try to for as long as I can. Well I got on the phone - wasted all my minutes trying to get through. Didn't get anyone. Finally got Mom and the receiver broke and she called back and the receiver doesn't work. Sunday so there won't be any mail, it always seems to be something around here.

This really sucks.

Maybe sometime this next week I'll get my orders and find out my unit and all the details. One guy got Ft Irwin. They're not deploying. A few got Germany, Ft Benning Georgia, Ft Carson Colorado, Ft Hood, Texas, of course a few at Ft Lewis Washington. I'm sure there will be more. A few people that got Ft Campbell are slugs. I don't know how they will be Air Assault - douche bags :)

3 guys going to Lewis are Sgts who released (changed their MOS or jobs - they were mechanics or telecommunications ect.). I don't really know if we'll all be together or not, I guess we'll see. Well time to go to dinner, hope to talk to someone soon.


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