Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th, 2009

Today we learned how to download into our radios and synchronize the set frequencies and work in secure and non-secure modes. It was pretty informative. Then we did some crazy ass PT/smoking on the march home, we had to run over these two hills and two valleys and back probably 200 yards about ten times. It was a rough go at the end. Then we dropped on rifles and relayed it one time by platoon. First platoon won, then we did this shit where one man gets on hands and knees then the next dives over and rolls and makes an arch. The next dives, roles, goes under and gets on knees until all 30 guys in each platoon are doing it in a giant chain up and over 300 yards. I think we (1st platoon) lost that one. Then we ate and then did a troop run of about 4 miles, then studied, ate, then ran 2 miles, did sit-up/push-ups/pull-up drills. I'm fricking sore and tired!

Well, I'm out of here


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