Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th, 2009

Guess what? Nothing. :) Nothing new. Just sitting on free time. Just finished Marcus Luttrels book "Lone Survivor." Was at the range all day shooting the 25mm chain gun. Man that's a big gun. :) Tomorrow is all day at the range firing the MaDuce (.50 cal). Then Thursday we clean the range. Then 4 days of FOB and then March. It's getting there.

I passed my APFT the other day. I did good. I ran a 12:50 2 mile. That was good. Back home I was going it right at 16:00 and I have 18:30. So for me I'm flying. :) 90% of the people don't do it under 14:00. Even the young guys. I was super sore. I hurt all over. I think I'm ready for soccer now! :) My endurance is crazy. I can work at overload for several hours. Although it hurts later. :) I got 15 days and a wake up :)

I've already made (met)a few friends going to Lewis. They're insert. They've been in combat ect. Cool guys :) it will be nice to know people there. I guess Stryker school get you (me) promotion points. I guess it is a real school people request and want to go to. I have to go. Looking forward to it now, knowing that will be my job. To some extent, can't wait for phone/PC access. Civilian clothes at night and weekends and my own meal and work out options.

Haven't heard from anyone really in a while. Got a letter from Mom a while back. Hope everything is going well.

Been thinking about the dogs a lot lately. Been missing Little Bear a lot. I still have a hard without them. I miss them lots.

They've been feeding us MREs now. MMMM:) Yeah right, whatever. I just want food! :)MREs are better than field chow. That's for sure. :-|

Anyhow, gotta go. miss yall


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  1. Hey Justin! You sound GREAT!!! I bet you're buff and looking GOOOOOOD. I wish we could come see you but the new house is consuming our time and $$$ at this time. Have fun! Love you. XXOO. Margie and Ernie.