Sunday, May 2, 2010

Its Dam hot again damit.

Wow its hot as hell already, I guess the good part is that means im comming up on a year in this shit hole. woo hooo. Counting down the days till i get to go home, and the most important thing, counting down the days till i get to see my girls all five, and you to little bear, cant wait to see your bear tail heheheh, heheeh,::)
Time sure seems to be going so so so slow, every day takes so long, but one day at a time and im getting there. Just like basic training bla that sure sucked ass, i wouldnt wish that on anyone heheheh, or this for that matter but once this is done, i really think the hard parts over. I mean atleas in garrison its just training for a while no ones really actually trying to kill you hehhehe:)
I still havent made any decisions as to what all the army might hold for me yet, I got lots of other things to think about now, and allot of things that are just alot more important to me that I want to be around for and spend time doing than just continuing to fucking off in the army ;) Althogh im still pretty interested in a job as a special agent with the CID.
Well I got to keep this one short I guess, gotta go out on a patrol mission again tonight, whats new pretty much 6 times a week average for the last year iv been doing that, so what ever....
I really just came here to write today with one thing on my mind, and that is to say hi to my future wife, danielle, who for me really is already my wife were just waiting on the wedding part hehehe which im really looking forward to by the way :)
So Hi baby, just wanted to say I love you :)
Hope to talk to you soon, I hope you smile when you see i left you a little something here on the blog too heheheh, I know you like it :)
I love you,
I sure miss you baby :)
see all you other turkys soon,
God bless america, the greatest fucking country on the planet :)
scouts out :)

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  1. You always make me smile Justin. I love reading your blogs, it really helps me to know and realize what you do. I love you Justin all of your girls are here waiting for you, we miss you. Be safe baby, can't wait to hear from you soon.