Saturday, April 24, 2010

Im still here :)

Guess what?
I'm still here, I guess in a way that's a good thing :)
Well its April 24th now, still just doing the same shit everyday.
It's getting closer I can feel it. It still feels like the day I get to go home is far away, but it feels so much closer now, by this time in 60 days I should not even be in this country. Then its back to Washington to work there and figure shit out.
At this point I really don't think Ill come back to this place, I think Ive had my fill of this shit hole.
But I have to say up to this point its been an eye opening experience, Ive seen things you never could imagine, and done things I don't think you could either. My heart goes out to many people in this country, but I just really don't think it matters, this place is too lost in chaos to really ever have a chance to grow and change, I think the people here are destine to live the shit life they were given, after being here, I really don't think that will ever change. No matter how hard we try, if the people here don't want to help themselves, there never going to leave the stone age behind. I don't blame them, I think there all victims of circumstance, and unfortunately the circumstances in this country that dictate the lives of the people here, suck ass. :) heheheheh.
Hmmm what else.
Rumor has it I'm supposed to be getting my promotions soon, Ill believe that when I get it heheheh;) I don't really care, but its more money that's cool, but it ain't much money, i tell you if you want money don't join the military they don't pay shit hehehe ;)
Well The Army sux, Afghanistan well it sux too, but I wouldn't change a thing cause there is one thing about all of this that made it all worth while and Her name is Danielle :)
Some how in the middle of all of this shit I found the woman I love and am going to marry heheh, how does that happen. :)
Well I'm not sure how, but I know if i wasn't here it wouldn't have happened, so in a way I think I am very lucky I chose to follow the path i did, as it led me to the beginning of the rest of my life with my best friend and wife heheh pretty cool :)
Well anyway that is by far the best thing that has not only happened to me here but pretty much happened to me in the last 38 years really So that's good :)
So when i get back My life is going to keep on changing :) for the better, I left home single and out to see the world, and After seeing all I think I need to see, I'm coming home to a full house, I'm coming home to a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters, three big ass hairy dogs and a crappy new job, and well pretty much a completely new and different life heheh and wonderful life in the great state of Washington.:).
Well our plans are to be there for a few years and eventually end up back in Idaho, but no guarantees on that just yet :)
Well that's about it for now, ill write again in a few days if i can. not sure how many people read this anyhow heheh so I guess its really mostly just for me hehheh.
well anyway here are some pictures too,
Ill write again later heeh
hopefully ill be home soon, take care all :)

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  1. Baby you are the best thing that has happend to me and I love you with all of my heart! Be safe, I miss you so much and can't wait to get you home and in my arms. I love you Justin.