Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 27

So Im still here, the temps running around 115 in the day, allot hotter in the trucks.
You get sick to your stomach its so hot, it drains you.
Ive been up for the better part of 4 days, work, BS, and just not being able to sleep when I can. I'm sitting around today, waiting for shit to happen, that's my job today, i wait, like a firefighter at a fire house waiting for a fire, but I'm a Combat Arms Soldier, and today its my job to wait, but I'm waiting for a different kind of fire, small arms fire, indirect fire, direct fire, that kinda fire, I wish someone would just fire me hehehehe. I'm tired, and I'm dirty and I'm ready to go home. Ive been doing this shit for a year now, its time for a break, its time for some real food, a real bath, some real sleep and some fucking peace and quiet, People here are like broken records just saying the same shit over and over and over, I wish they would just shut the fuck up for once. And today as i try to sleep the artillary is going off, so every 20 seconds or so it sounds like a dump truck just fell out of the sky and landed in your front yard. The windows sound like they're going to break, the whole little metal box I live in vibrates and rattles, the door just popped open on the last one. Not to mention its pretty much an involintary reaction for your heart to skip a beat every time one goes off, you know its coming but its so loud and chaotic you cant help it, outside your calm inside you flinch. Its weird.
Well I just wanted to say Hi, I hope i see you all soon. I just might make it home in one piece, who knows..I'm going out to stand in the 120 degree sun and listen to shit blow up, while i smoke and bang my head against the concrete bunker. Talk to you all later...........................


  1. Not too much longer, Justin. You chose this path for a reason, don't ever forget that. I'm not talking about patriotism or any of that, but your personal reasons. So, keep learning, and keep your eye on the prize.