Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi everyone

Ok, well im still here.
Its May 11 now and still counting down.
A year of this is way to long, about 9 months you really loose motivation and perspective, all the super dumb shit everyone pulls really just train wrecks about 9 months in and from there on out it is just seems to be so fucking retarded its unbalevable, this whole place is nothing but a bunch of egotisticle self centerd grown ass men who act like a bunch of little whiny snively little girls, holy fuck what a bunch of retards this place is full of, everyone knows better than everyone, everyone is bigger badder faster smarter done it more, done this better than everyone fickin no sence of friking any frikin thing heheheh " In an enviroment that is totaly based on rank structure and leadership what the fuck ever happend to the philosiphy of lead by example, i guess that shit flew out the window long ago, the army doesnt suck, i swear its the fucking idiots in the army that make it suck, holy shit, what a cluster fuck of stupidity this place is.....I hope to fuck no one from the army ever walks onto my jobsite back home, for there sake, cause i will chew them the fuck up. And If I ever run into any of them on the street halaluja for you good great fine get the fuck out of my way you dumb ass.....cause i aint buyin it and aint in the mood to listen to you try and sell it, my give a fuck is about down to none right now, god dam shit bags hheheheheehehheheheheh,

SORRY Just a little venting on my part and a little look into what is pretty much going though my head these days when Im not thinking about the one and only thing that really keeps me sain.....

And you know who you are ;)
hehehhe, yeah im talking about danielle, ;) it sure is wonderful to have you to talk to baby, you really keep me going everyday, the thought of you, wanting to talk to you wanting to get home to you really helps me get there and get over all the other crap that drives me mad, in the end none of that matters when i think about you and how much i love you and how much I know you love me ;)
Your a wonderful woman, and i love you so much, thank you for being there almost every dang day, your so good to me, I love you :)

And on that note, I cant stop thinking about comming home to my family and friends, dogs and a cold beer, green grass and a fisin pole by the creek...prety much looking at around 40 days right now give or take you never really know with these butt fuckers i swear it wouldnt suprise me if we were half way accross tha atlantic and they turnd the dam plane around to come do some frigins stupid shit back here, it really wouldnt suprise me one dam bit. :) hehehheheheh
Well i gota go, another mission starts again.. over and over and over and over and over and over the stupidity just rolls on :)

well i sure miss you all, and cant wait to get home and see a few of you,
especially well the 5 or so people who actually read this heheheh, jason, mom, morgan, mac and especially you danille, more than anything i cant wait to get home to you and the girls :)

Well Ill talk to you all soon, love you take care

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  1. Hi baby, we are getting closer and closer everyday. Hang in there, we are here for you, patiently waiting for you to come home to us. The girls and I miss you so much. We are so ready for this to be over and for you to be home. I love you with all of my heart. Stay safe baby and we will see you soon. I am now and forever your girl. I love you Justin.