Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26th, 2009

Haven't written in a few days.

This place is mentally and physically exhausting. You only get 3-4 hours of sleep at most. You constantly are forced to do PT to the point of total muscle failure and you're constantly being screamed at. Haven't seen too many people break down mentally, a few physically. If you fail anything you get recycled which means you start all over.

Where you end up is all random. I ended up in 5-15 CAV Charlie Company 1st Platoon, "Hell Raiser Recon." Apparently the most brutal of all the CAV companies. Every night when I do get to go to bed I feel like I've been kicked by a mule.

So far, we've been issued our M-16. That's about it. Mostly we just carry them everywhere. You don't really get much time to write. You don't get shit for phone time and there's definitely no PC mail. I'm glad this is only temporary. There should be some fun stuff coming up, but I think the BS will be there till I leave Ft. Knox.

I picked my wish-list* which is crap. You only get 2, 1 overseas and one here. Not 3 of each like the recruiter tells you. I should have picked Hawaii or Italy just for the hell of it, but I chose Alaska and Ft. Lewis, Washington.

I don't regret anything even as fucking crazy as this place is and how much crazier it will get. I look forward to my future in the Army, but I really am fried. I miss home. I miss my own bed, my own space, the ability to do whatever whenever I want, but when I get that back I know I will appreciate it more. I really miss the dogs and wish I could have some phone time to know everything back home is good. Would make me feel a whole lot better. Well, I've gotta get to sleep. Hope to talk to some of you soon.

PS - Make sure Mom gets this so she knows I'm good.

*For future station.

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