Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21st, 2009

OK, so just sitting here on guard duty at 2300 hours. What a long day. Tomorrow will be even worse. We're not even in BCT but we're trying to get our shit together so that we can ship Friday with everyone else. I seriously hope we do. If we don't, I'll be here in this limbo for another month. I know two people here that already know they aren't going Friday. Such total BS. My BP became an issue again, but I took it today and it was 126/83 at the dentist. I hope that's good enough. It sucks you get soft sitting here. Not running, not shit, what a stinking joke. It makes me mad not being able to go outside for PT and running.

We've got our PT test tomorrow which sucks cause I haven't run at all in two weeks and on top of that, I'm now sick as fuck with the flu. So, now after not running 2 weeks I gotta run a mile in less than 8 minutes in the butt ass cold, with a sore throat. What a bitch. Hopefully nothing else pops up.

I've noticed most people here are totally full of shit. Rumors run rampant. I also feel like you sort of become numb or desensitized. You start to forget and just go with the masses and we're not even at BCT yet. I just want to get out of reception and start BCT. This all seems like a bit of a waste. The thought of being here another month is really messed up. On top of all this shit, I'm still worried about the dogs and the house.

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