Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16th, 2009

7 am - Just sitting here in the Boise airport, the plane leaves at 8:30. What a trip this is. It sort of feels almost surreal. It's sort of nice being able to know everything is out of my control and I'm just mindlessly going along with what ever happens. I still have mixed emotions about BCT. I'm extremely excited and at the same time quite nervous. The future just seems to be one endless possibility at this point. I worry about about what all I've left behind but slowly am coming to terms with the fact it's all out of my control at this point and just trying to put it out of my mind and enjoy the whole experience. Besides, the only 3 things that really matter are taken care of. Camas - Bear - Cotton I do miss them already, but I know they're going to be just fine. I already look forward to seeing them again and it's only been one day.

Had lunch at the O'Hare airport. Get to sit here for about 3 hours. Should get to Louisville about 6 pm. I have no idea what I'm in for. I guess I'll see when I get there. All O'Hare is is tens of thousands of moving sea of people. Different languages and colors and shapes and sizes. Quite interesting. Same old guy in the restaurant decided he would tell me about his time in the Greek Army. Nice fellow. Couldn't spend all the military check on food and figured I didn't want to get too wasted so I gave him an $8 tip. It's not like I could have spent it so whatever.

Got to Ft. Knox about 9 pm. What a fucking trip. I can't even explain how fucked up it is. We're not even in BCT yet and you are constantly getting yelled at and told what to do, how to do it, when to do it. The worst part is not being able to understand what the DTs are saying. They ask if you understand; then everyone yells "yes, drill sergeant." half of them don't. Eating is a major operation. That's when I got chewed the first time for trying to pick up a glass. Everything is all regimented. It's really fucking trippy. We got in on Friday night so we can't process till Tuesday thanks to MLK day. Some of us have been wearing the same shit for three days.

I guess I am lucky though. Some guys have been here almost a month. BCT starts Friday (next) if there's too many to fit in they hold you over. Then you're fucked. Like there are 200 kilos. Some wait. There are only like 40-50 Deltas. Hopefully I'll be okay to go. Somethings they don't tell you. Like if you fuck up they can cut your pay. Other things like if your teeth are bad they can fuck you over once you're here. One guy, they pulled all his teeth and gave him dentures but he's so fucked he gets held over. Another guy who came in on our bus is on suicide watch. Watched another guy almost choke to death at chow on a piece of chicken.

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