Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15th, 2009

@ 8:25 I swore into the Army for real. I guess I'm on the clock now. I was reminded of the UCMJ and told that I now represent the US Army; act like it and don't forget it. Without even having gone to BCT there is a certain sense of pride that oges with just the knowing.

Last night was a big sleepless night. I used the scale at the hotel gym and weighed 215 pounds. I almost got sick. I stripped down to my boxers right there and weighed 210. I was sicker. I checked the scales with different gym weights and it verified that it should be correct. My heart sank. I figured they could just do a BMI, but at 210 that might not go over so well either. I knew I would be weighted at MEPS on the 15th and if I was over I was totally FUCKED.

Waiting to get on the scales my head was spinning. I got on and prayed for any weight under 200 (my magic number - the one I can't go over or I would have been rejected). It was 195 but I figured at least under 200, I stood a chance with the BMI and on the gym scales that morning I was 203-205. Nervously I got on and watched the digital counter go up, up, up 170-180-190-191-92-93-94-94.1-.2-.3-.4 and then it STOPS! Oh my God what a great relief. That fucking gym scale is a lying piece of shit and cost me a whole night's sleep.

From here on out weight shouldn't be much of an issue. Well, I'll write again when I get to Chicago or maybe Louisville.

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