Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Well Its easter, supposedly a squadron stand down day, sure doesnt feel like it, I wonder why, oh yeah cause ive been on patrol since it started, well since yesterday at 1300 till just now, 0730, hopefully i can get some sleep for a while.
Not much happend today, Did counter IED patrols, basicly we look for ieds and secondary explosives on the roads and in culverts and try not to blow up in the process, then when we find them we blow them up, hwhehehehe, saw two nasty car wercks, and sat up all night on an OP (observation post) watching the afghan desert, highway 4 and lateral routs across the desert, and some ABP compound basicly looking for taliban inusgents who plant ieds attack ABP (afghan border patrol, or as i like to call them the afghan butt pirates)outposts and use lateral routs to move across the desert from pakistan to where ever in afghanastan, spinboldak, khandahar, kabul all sorts of places but to get there, where ever it is your going, you gotta cross the desert out here . eheheheheh whoopie, but no enemy contact and didnt find any ieds' so i suppose thats all good.
well that was what i was just doing, ill post a few older pictuers and then hit the sack
i will keep posting as much as i can and try to bring some stuff back up to speed and probalby recount some of the BS weve done in the last ten months....
IM glad to see i have two new followers hehehe
What's up Mac..
And Hi Danielle, :) Yeah, my soon to be wife, heheh I love you Danielle Raye :)