Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, Im back to update.

Well hey everyone how are things.
Sorry I havent been back in such along time.
Allot of things have been going on since i was here last.

I finally Got Out of Kentucky, boy that was a very good day.

I ended up going to stryker training that was pretty cool. their pretty awsom vehicles.

The day I got out of school, I went to Ft. lewis washington. Where I am currently stationd.

I ended up being with the 2nd infantry, 5th stryker brigade with the 8th squadron, 1at cavalry regimant. or 8-1 cav.

The crazy thing is that were now getting ready to deploy, so i got to go home for two days and will be going back to washington tonight to finish geting ready to go to afganastan.

I really cant tell you all what well be doing there, but what i can say is the next year is going to be very interesting if nothing else.

I will try to keep everyon updated as much as i can, and hopfully get some pictures of the country and things i see. I dont know how much internet i will have but i plan to keep a journal and up date when i can here.

We leave here next week, and i should be gone about a year. it seams like a long time, but who know maybe it will go by fast.

I got to see the girls here befor i left, and most all my friends back home. so im happy for that, it would have been nice to spend more time than just two days, but oh well two is better than none.

well i hope I have some interesting stories to post here in a while.
ill be in afganastan by next week. man that will be something else lol..:)

well i gotta run, hope you all take care.
glad i got to see most you all. until next time take care.


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