Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey all whats going on.
Got allot to tell, but not allot of time on the pc. got alot of photos, but no way to post them yet.
Im here in khandahar, have been here since the fourth of july
was also in khazakastan, romania and ireland for short periods of time, not long enough to see anything unfortunatly
will be leaving here shortly to get on with what we are doing.
this place is hotter than you can imagine, about 120 in the day, and it stinks to high heaven, it is pretty funny., its supper dusty, like walking on the moon.
It really sort of looks allot like the mojavie desert.
so far weve just been doing allot of training, maintinece, pt and getting aclimated to the climat..
lots of stuff id like to tell you all, but really cant at this point, only that it is defantly and adventure, and a crazy place to be for sure.
i will be takeing my leave in april, so will be home in ketchum at that time for any one interested.
well i cant talk long but will try to keep you all posted.
till next time take care, hope everyone is well.
scouts out

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