Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well here I am all graduated! Cavalry Scout with 2nd Infantry

I guess I got allot of crap to catch you all up on, but i got to figure out how to work this dam page out heheheheh :)

well shit, i got allot of catching up to do, im here in louiville once again sitting in the brown hotel of all places with 8 other guys, all strykers headed for ft lewis, these are the guys im gona be with for at least the nest 2 weeks and probably longer.
there is actually 11 privats and 3 sargents going only 8 staying in this room heheheh.
processed into stryker skool friday, yesterday, should be pretty good. im looking forward to it now.
we are treated so much diffrent, like real people now what a amazing journy that last 16 weeks was, and to end up still here feels sort of like i died of heart failure on a run and im in purgatory heheheheh. walking, cleaning and liveing in the halls where just a short time ago there were so many of us, now only 14. its really radicle experince.
and here its pretty funny hanging in this smal room with these guys 8 dudes 8 laptops eveyone typeing away, what a bunch of tech junkies hwahahahhahahah :)
weve all been cutting loos a bit, its pretty cool, not something i would have ever forseen 16 weeks ago, or 2 weeks ago for that matter :)
well, i want to keep writeing, but i gotta get some food, be back to update on shit in a while.

Well the last few weeks have been something else, Im really happy to be done with OSUT, Im also a bit nervious about whats to come. everything so far has been pretty mellow, eat what we want, we have to pt, i do, a few guys dont, guys smoke chew pound energy drinks what ever, we moved baraks so looks the same i even got the same spot in the room, back right by the widow, i swear im in purgatory.
so I think i sent morgan a mail with the missing last few weeks, she may post it or not im not sure, i sent it out after she had left on her way to visit me.

i want to say thanks to her, none of this would be here without a whole lot of effort on her part, so THANKS MORGAN :)

so im still here at Ft. Knox til june five, then i am going to Ft lewis washigton as a straight ship, which means ill get there june five. that should be a fun day :) im the only fucker out of the whole company who opted to NOT take leave, what the fucks wrong with me?

wont have any word on what will happen in the future, rumors rumors rumors thats all you get, eating mushrooms in the dark!

as soon as i know ill let everyone know what im doing, im not speculating shit anymore, for one its pointles and 2ndly i dont want to jinx myself :)

I think i wrote in my letter to morgan that we did our final ruck, it was frigin 28k afterwords 98% of the troop was walkin around like a bunch of old broke dicks hahshahaha pussies all of em :) not every last one of em but dam near :)

that photo was taken by austen there outside olive theater where I graduated
nice photo dude, my barret is all wrinkled to fuck thanks hahahahhaha :)
the other photo is a pic i took of my unit patch, everyone has diffrent patches they wear to identify them, so everyone know who knows who eveyone else is, thats mine 2nd ID (infantry division) Ill get a 5\15 cav flash for my barett later this week, but then that changes when i get to ft lewis to what ever brigade ill be with. which I STILL DONT KNOW FOR FUKCIN SURE WHAT THAT WILL BE. My orders say 2nd brigade which doesnt exist! what ever...
anyhow you were your unit patch on your left shoulder, and on your right you wear the unit patch that you served with in combat last, i dont wear a patch on my right shoulder yet.

the flash on your barett is is sort the same sort of thing, well be weraing 5-15 Cav here for a 2 weeks then well get new ones in washington, not important just sort of trying to inform yyou all how some of this shit works :)

dam what else, i need to keep writeing, i forget, i stil have a jounal jull of reall fun crazy shit from basic that ill share some time but not yet, im not off ft knox just yet heheheeh :)

Scouts Out


  1. Hey DUDE!
    Glad you're having some earned it!!
    Love you tons!

  2. Thank god you can do this shit now! hahahaha

    BTW - The login to the blog is also a login to GMAIL account if you have any desire to use it.

    I love ya! Hope you're having a grand ole time. you certainly deserve it.

  3. Well you did awesome Justin. Just as we knew you would. Now the fun begins huh? we looked through your grad book. I 'think' I saw you a few times, not sure. Take care of yourself and your buddies. We are all so pround of you! Love, Margie & Ernie

  4. Good Luck to you. My cousin is also in your unit. He is a First Lieutenant. I'm a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and live in Ohio. I did 23 years active duty. Never served in the 2nd ID but it has a great history and was based in Korea for the past 50 years on the DMZ. Your recon mission in Afganistan is very dangerous. You will need to concentrate, focus on your mission, be VERY aware of your surroundings and locations. Trust your buddies, don't trust any locals, cover your backs, and it it seems unsafe or strange, it usually is. Know your equipment, and always, always, always be alert. If you've never been overseas before, it has already been an eye-opener for you. You will see terror, tragedy, as well as compassion. Listen to your experienced NCO's and Officers, especially if they have been there or in Iraq before. They know what to expect and how to protect you and your buddies. Don't be afraid to talk about what you see and how it affects you. You will be a changed person and this experience will last for your lifetime. Best wishes and I hope you come home safe to your family. Our thanks for your voluntary service and patriotism. Salute!!!